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Jollycons is an ever-growing collection of icon sets to take your designs to the next level.

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Friendly style

Jollycons have been designed to look soft while remaining highly usable in every design. The thick and comfy stroke width combined with a relatively large border radius give the icons a friendly and jolly look.

Flexible vectors

All icons are designed as flexible vector graphics. This makes them not only suitable for tweaking and customization, it makes the icons infinitely scalable without making consessions to image quality.

Perfect details

Every single icon is handcrafted with the utmost precision and love to guarantee perfect details. Spanning a maximum width and/height of 24px canvas Jollycons is a perfect fit for any website, interface or any other design.

Available in your favorite formats

Whether you're a designer, developer or any other creative who's looking for icons to use in a project, Jollycons caters to all your icon needs. All icon sets are available in a wide range of file types.

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svg illustration


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Figma illustration


Iconjar illustration


Illustrator illustration


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Suitable for any platform

Because of their size Jollycons icons easily blend in on any platform. Whether it’s an iOS app or Android app or a webapp. You can use the icons for both category indicators or in action buttons.

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